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Top-10 Catalan dishes

In the most authentic cafes of Barcelona and vicinities with the best kitchen "for locals" they won't speak English or even Spanish to you. Therefore to study the menu in advance is a good decision: 1. Pa amb tomàquet – shouldn't be ordered in general, any lunch doesn't do without piece of the white bread loaf smeared with fresh tomato and...

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Culinary facts about Spain

Among all European countries in Spain counts most of all bars, restaurants and night clubs. The basis of Spanish cuisine is olive oil. However pork fat was the main ingredient for cooking throughout many centuries and up to the beginning of the 20th century. In Spain it is not common to have breakfast at home. The first meal of a day they...

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Trucha a la Navarra

Today we will introduce you one of the most popular dishes of the North of Spain. Navarra is famous for the purest mountain rivers where a lot of trout is found. Such is feature of this species of fish that it can live only in clear fresh water in good ecology. This representative of salmon specie differs in its refined...