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Mediterranean diet could relieve pain linked to obesity

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, plant-based protein and seafood can decrease the chances an overweight person will experience regular pain due to inflammation. Mediterranean diet adherents the world over will find one more reason to continue including lots of fruits, vegetables, plant-based protein and fish in their diet. Ohio State University researchers have found that a Mediterranean diet could decrease...

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Five-Step guide to the Mediterranean Diet

It is proven that the Mediterranean diet has impressive health benefits we all need. A transition to a healthier diet is easier than you think. Here are six steps to get you started. 1. Exchange unhealthy fats for healthy ones It isn’t so much the quantity but the quality of fat within a diet that is important. Most vegetable oils and margarines...

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Holy Grail of longevity

Scientists were always tormented by a question: what if there is one secret component in the Mediterranean diet that provides longevity? This means it is necessary to find it, allocate, produce it in the form of tablets, and then everyone will take them and live long and happily. University clinic of Barcelona tried to find this Holy Graal of eternal...