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Оливковое масло полезно
Green beans with goat cheese

For preparation of this tasty and very nutricious dish take 900 grams of green beans, 1 tablespoon of refined olive oil Maestro de Oliva with a yellow label, 2 big shallot onions (also called Spanish garlic), it is possible to replace it with regular bulb onion, 1/4 teaspoons of salt and as much fresh ground pepper, 50 grams of Chevre...

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Trucha a la Navarra

Today we will introduce you one of the most popular dishes of the North of Spain. Navarra is famous for the purest mountain rivers where a lot of trout is found. Such is feature of this species of fish that it can live only in clear fresh water in good ecology. This representative of salmon specie differs in its refined...

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Baked scallop

Scallop is a great dietary seafood very useful for your health. It's meat is very gentle and sweetish tasting. There are many options of scallop's preparation, today we will try the most salutary of them. For roasting choose not the largest scallops as the size is directly proportional to its age, and young mollusks contain more useful substances. Pay attention to...