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оливковое масло полезно
Hurdana salad

Have you ever tried to dress oranges in olive oil? Well, in Spain even that is possible! Today we will get you acquainted with an original dish ensalada hurdana in which sweet oranges perfectly get on with a sour lemon, a spicy chorizo sausage and fragrant olive oil. Traditionally this salad is cooked on Sacred Thursday before Easter and on holidays....

оливковое масло купить
April fair in Seville

In spring seems like everything is possible! Or it doesn't seem?! In Spain the arrival of spring, like any other significant event, is celebrated as a multi-day fiesta. The Seville fair, Feria de Sevilla or Feria de Abril is a long-awaited holiday, one of the most large-scale and noticeable at this time of year. It is a meeting spot for all...