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оливковое масло полезно
Superior Taste Award 2016

Our brand Iberica Extra Virgin olive oil has received 2 stars for exclusive taste and quality and an award "For excellent taste" this year. It is a high appreciation of authoritative European jury to our product. The international tasting contest Superior Taste Award is some kind of gastronomic Oscar. Its purpose is promotion of high-quality and refined food around the...

оливковое масло купить
Trucha a la Navarra

Today we will introduce you one of the most popular dishes of the North of Spain. Navarra is famous for the purest mountain rivers where a lot of trout is found. Such is feature of this species of fish that it can live only in clear fresh water in good ecology. This representative of salmon specie differs in its refined...

Вино Иберика
What does Rioja taste like

Where do you think there are more of all vineyards in the world? In Spain, correct! And wines of Rioja are considered to be the most respected Spanish wines in the world. Rio de Oja is literally Oja River. This small river, inflow of Ebro has also given the name to all region which has become famous for the rivers of...