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Holiday of Moors and Christians in Alcoi

Moros y Cristianos is the annual performance which can be seen directly on streets of the usually quiet and serene Valencian town of Alcoi from April 21 to April 24. Today it is a large international holiday, each of days of which has the accurate rehearsed program. April 21 is Día de los músicos, that is day of musicians when the...

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April fair in Seville

In spring seems like everything is possible! Or it doesn't seem?! In Spain the arrival of spring, like any other significant event, is celebrated as a multi-day fiesta. The Seville fair, Feria de Sevilla or Feria de Abril is a long-awaited holiday, one of the most large-scale and noticeable at this time of year. It is a meeting spot for all...

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Las Fallas de Valencia festival of fire

Just imagine: they prepare the whole year for this festival, invest thousands of euros in creation of huge figures - to burn them all in one day and start all over! Imagine magnificence of dresses which stand much more than latest models of the most famous fashion designers! Imagine sounds so loud that make glasses burst! But for locals this...