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Not all that is harmful what is sweet, isn't that so? Marzipan figures are a symbol of children's happiness, good taste and refinement. It is a paste from almonds and icing sugar. Almonds contain potassium and magnesium, vital for blood vessels and muscles of our body, and also vitamin E and useful vegetable fats. Almond trees grow almost everywhere in Spain,...

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Orange flan (flan de naranja)

Flans are one of the most popular and often consumed desserts of Spanish cuisine. You will fall in love with it for its beauty, light structure, caramel taste and simplicity of preparation. This fine dessert comes from 18th century France, but Spaniards prepare and eat it often with great pleasure, and have even invented special round molds flaneras for one...

оливковое масло купить
Fried milk Leche Frita

Leche frita is literally translated as fried milk is very unusual to foreigners, but at the same time traditional and favourite dessert of Spanish cuisine, especially popular during the Easter Week. The origin of Leche Frita has not been established. A legend says that this way of cooking was intended to kept the milk remains in monasteries on the Iberian...