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Torrijas sweet toast

Sunny Spain has its own original and very simple recipe of a sweet toast/ They call it torrijas which means "fried". Such unusual way of using bread in desserts was initially made out by the French back in the 14th century. The nutritious recipe was quickly borrowed by the Spanish and by 20th century torrijas were served in every tavern...

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Rosquillas de Alcalá Spanish desert

Alcalá de Henares is a suburb of Madrid where the greatest Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was born. Not less popularity to this city was brought by traditional local pastries called rosquillas. It is considered that this dessert has reached us from ancient Romans. Today there are many ways to cook rosquillas, but in classical version they represent donuts from...

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Fried milk Leche Frita

Leche frita is literally translated as fried milk is very unusual to foreigners, but at the same time traditional and favourite dessert of Spanish cuisine, especially popular during the Easter Week. The origin of Leche Frita has not been established. A legend says that this way of cooking was intended to kept the milk remains in monasteries on the Iberian...