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13 Sep Cold peach soup

In Spain, they love cold soups, in summer they are served both for lunch and for dinner, because it is hot until late at night. Today we will try with you the most refreshing summer soup that will surprise all your guests and friends.

We will need:
120 g of water
700 g of ripe tomatoes without seeds
500 g of ripe peaches
50 g of white bread crumb
200 g of olive oil
30 g of sugar
A spoonful of grainy mustard
Juice of half a lemon
One yellow and one red sweet pepper
Fresh, peeled ginger
Shrimp to taste
Salt, pepper to taste

First mix the water with sugar, pour the peaches peeled from the seeds with the resulting syrup. Season with lemon juice, otherwise the fruit will darken. Set it aside. Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes and peppers under the blender not too finely. Crumble the baguette. Chop the ginger. Add all this to our peaches in syrup. As well as mustard, olive oil and seasonings. Beat until smooth and send it to cool in the refrigerator.

Shrimp are served here separately and on request. Clean, fry in olive oil, you can also in batter. When the soup is poured on plates, we put the finished shrimp on top as a decoration.

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