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07 Jul Tapas ball

Tapas are always very small snacks, they come with a glass of dry wine or beer. And at home, you can make them as much as you want and eat slowly. Today we will cook meat balls in breadcrumbs.

Minced meat:
Lean pork 30%
Lean beef 30%
Pork fat 20%
Onion 15%
Garlic 5%
For 1 kg of minced meat, a bunch of greens (parsley/coriander/mint) 150-200 gr
Salt 8 g / 1 kg
Black pepper 5 g / 1 kg
Cumin 5 g / 1 kg

Pitted olives
Pickled onion

For breading:
Unsweetened crackers or unsweetened corn flakes
1 egg

Beat the egg with salt for breading. Cut the cheese into cubes with large cubes. Crackers/flakes should be rolled out in advance with a rolling pin or crushed in a blender. Mix the minced meat from the listed ingredients and form large meatballs, put a cube of cheese, an olive, a pickled onion inside in turn. We dip each one alternately in flour, then an egg, then in a sprinkle. In a saucepan or deep frying pan, heat the olive oil for deep frying to 160-170 degrees. If you do not warm up enough, the oil will be absorbed into the product unnecessarily, and if you overheat – the breading will burn. Fry each tapas until tender, get wet.

As a sauce, serve homemade mayonnaise, adding finely chopped pickled cucumber to it and pre-cooling it in the refrigerator.

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