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оливковое масло полезно

27 Jun Sea of olives

Did you know that there is an olive sea in Spain, and soon it will become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization will vote for the inclusion of Mar de Olivos in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is a stunning, fertile forest of olive trees with an area of 1.5 million hectares, which stretches throughout Andalusia.

This is the “business card” of the southern Spanish region and the engine of the economy in the country. It should be celebrated at the world level, because this forest represents a great ancestral heritage of the past, present and future.
The vote will be held in the summer of 2023. If this designation is approved, the “sea of olives” will become the 49th World Heritage Site in Spain and the ninth in Andalusia. Only in China and Italy there are more of them.

The landscape of the olive groves of Andalusia is a unique Mediterranean relief that demonstrates the ability of the Andalusians to intelligently adapt to difficult geographical and climatic conditions. Mar de Olivos is a living cultural tradition of the last two centuries, which has successfully evolved to meet the current climatic and economic challenges.

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