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19 Jun Arroz al horno

Spain is not just about paella. From rice there is also such an interesting dish arroz al horno (rice in the oven), typical of the warm and generous region of Andalusia. Very Spanish in spirit, a popular homemade dish that combines different flavors and consistencies in one. This dish is prepared with three varieties of Spanish black pudding, which are not sold in Russia, so we will replace them with just minced meat.

Chicken (wings) 250 g

Pink meatballs (not spicy):
Minced pork 250 g
Salt 5 g
Granulated garlic 0.5 g
Black pepper 0.8 g

Chorizo meatballs (savory):
Minced pork 250 g
Salt 5 g
Granulated garlic 0.5 g
Black pepper 0.8 g
Cumin 0.8 g
Chilli pepper 0.25 g
Paprika 5 g

Large potatoes 250 g
Rice 300 g
Boiled chickpeas 150 g
Large tomatoes 2 pcs (300-400 g)
Broth 600 ml
Garlic 1 clove
Olive oil 70 ml
Paprika ¼ tsp
Saffron 5-8 stamens
Salt to taste

We take a frying pan and generously pour Extra Virgin olive oil with bitterness into it and put it to warm up. On it, we will consistently fry all the ingredients for baking. First, we’ll brown the chicken. It is not necessary to bring it to readiness – we only need a golden crust, which will then give a great taste in the finished baked dish.

While the wings are being fried, we prepare minced meat that imitates Spanish sausages. Season (see ingredients), knead well and roll into large meatballs. We postpone it.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into finger-thick slices. After removing the chicken, we put the potatoes in its place. The fire is medium, we also do not bring it to readiness. We brown the circles and remove them. And now we send the meatballs to the pan. The meat is also only browned on all sides.

Instead of an oven, we will have an oven. Now it should be turned on at 200°C (upper and lower heating) and also warm an empty baking dish in it. When we start to collect the dish, it should be hot. The broth should also be hot and salty – you can use vegetable, chicken, whatever you like. If it is lean – do not forget to add salt to the dish at the end.

Now I wash the tomatoes, cut one into large thick slices like potatoes, and rub the second on a grater to get a tender pulp. Finely chop or crush a clove of garlic. We drain the excess oil from the pan, leave it just a little and fry our garlic clove and tomato pulp on it until the liquid evaporates. Season with paprika and saffron. In the pan, we send the raw rice to mix well with our tomato-garlic mixture. Remove the pan.

The final stage: in a hot form, put all our rice, then chickpeas and pour the heated broth. Spread meatballs, potato slices, chicken wings and tomato slices on the sunken rice layer. Bake for 20 minutes and serve.

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