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оливковое масло полезно

25 Mar Olive oil for healthy intestinal microflora

People who consume a typical Mediterranean diet are less likely to have abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract, as evidenced by a growing body of data. Olive oil as part of a healthy, varied and fresh Mediterranean diet and as part of a healthy lifestyle will always be good for physical and mental health. Disorders of the microflora cause not only abdominal discomfort, but even mental disorders such as anxiety and stress.

The microflora of the human intestine is responsible for proper digestion and a strong immune system. The Mediterranean type of diet can make it healthy, as it contains a lot of probiotic foods that provide good food for bacteria. Whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and olive oil contain beneficial chemicals such as polyphenols. People who have at least 30 plant elements in their weekly diet have more diverse bacteria in their gut, hence better weight management, better heart health, and mental health.

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