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оливковое масло полезно

05 Dec Spain does not give up

This season, Spain produced 1.6 million tons of olive oil. Slowing sales in the hotel sector, as well as a dry summer and spring, worried many manufacturers, but the balance was found.

The world’s largest olive oil producing country has collected 1,633,000 tons, the second-highest figure in the past decade. This year’s harvest was 15% higher than the five-year average and significantly improved compared to last year, when Spain collected only 1.25 million tons. The main olive region of Jaen, despite the drought, produced 630,000 tons of olive oil – the same amount as Italy, Portugal and Greece combined.

Hot and dry weather in the summer is becoming the norm in the South of the country, and manufacturers already anticipate these risks in advance, but COVID-19 is still a concern. The forecast for demand for olive oil in cafes and restaurants in the coming year is still low. But the demand among the population inside the country has increased, because people have started to cook more at home, and olive oil is an integral part of the national cuisine and is used very abundantly. The pandemic has blocked very important channels, including the Horeca sector, but when some roads close, others open.

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