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21 Nov What is a healthy diet?

Information for those who can not decide on their diet, in particular, to give up meat or not.

It has now been proven that the consumption of certain animal products does not undermine the benefits of plant-based diets. Recently published research from the University of Warwick shows that plant-based diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, can still reduce cardiovascular risks, even if they include moderate amounts of animal products (meat, milk and cheese).
The results of 41 studies on this topic with the participation of 8416 participants were summarized. A decrease in blood pressure caused by a higher intake of plant-based foods, even with a small amount of animal products according to the Mediterranean diet, will lead to:

  • 9% reduction of heart attacks;
  • 7% reduction in overall mortality;
  • 14% reduction of strokes.

That is, the complete elimination of animal products is not necessary to reduce blood pressure and prolong life! Although it was previously thought that this was not the case. Previous research has shown that increasing the consumption of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and olive oil can prevent up to 10.8 million deaths from heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases worldwide each year.

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