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оливковое масло полезно

15 Nov The most delicious salad with olives

Assorted lettuce leaves – 150 gr
Tomatoes – 150 gr
Onion – 50 gr
Olives – 150 grams (350 grams with a given brine)
Canned corn – 150 gr
Carrots – 150 gr
Canned tuna – 100 gr
As well as salt, pepper and Extra Virgin olive oil for dressing.

The marinade for the carrots:
Wine vinegar 15 ml
Sugar – 5 g
Water – 50 g
Salt – 1-2 g

Very simple and perfect light salad according to the Spanish recipe let’s go!

You can take canned carrots, but it is better to clean fresh ones and grate on a special track for Korean carrots, so that it turns out to in thin straws. Then you need to collect the marinade from the specified ingredients, mixing them well. The marinade should be sweet and sour, but closer to sweet. It all depends on the taste of the carrots that you took and the acid of the vinegar, you may get a slightly different result. Carrots should lie in it for at least five minutes.

Tomatoes can be taken any to your taste. They should be chopped into large slices. White onion or red onion, also to your taste, cut into half rings. Combine the salad leaves and all the vegetables in a large bowl. We also add olives and corn. We mash the tuna in its own juice with a fork and then combine it with the salad. Add the carrot pressed from the marinade at the very end. Salt and pepper the salad, season with oil and mix well. Bright and healthy salad is ready!

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