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07 Sep US rejects EU demand to lower tariffs on agricultural goods

The United States trade representative (USTR) changed its $ 7.5 billion list of agricultural and industrial products subject to tariffs, including olive oil from Spain and table olives from France and Spain. While some tariffs imposed on the United Kingdom and Greece have been lifted, a similar amount of tariffs has been added to other products from Germany and France. Exports of olive oil and table olives from the rest of the EU to the US will continue to be subject to a 25 percent tariff.

The decision came as a relief to some agricultural sector workers, who feared that existing tariffs could rise after the USTR said it would review the list in June. However, the Spanish authorities believe that this will have a “devastating” impact on the economy.

Reyes Maroto, Spain’s Minister of industry, trade and tourism, calls on the Spanish government to continue to put pressure on Brussels to hold talks. Her opinion was supported by the Spanish Minister of agriculture, fisheries and food, Luis Planas, who stressed that the country’s agri-food sector bears the brunt of “a conflict in no way related to its own activities” and added that “including food in retaliatory trade actions is a strategic mistake.»
In 2019, Spain exported $ 2.1 billion worth of products to the United States. Overall, the US is the third largest market for Spanish goods outside the EU and China.

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