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оливковое масло полезно

24 Jul Olives are a delicious table decoration

Fruit of an olive tree in all its various varieties has been a favorite snack in Spain for centuries. Not to mention the traditional countries where they grow, they have already been tried and loved all over the world. In addition to being useful, they are also low-calorie: 7 olives or olives contain only 37 calories. And how elegant they look, in the style of tapas, perfectly combined with a variety of products!

Making mini-snacks from them with your own hands is an exciting activity, and if you carefully look at the photos, it is impossible to resist repeating these tapas or composing something similar. You can try to combine different cheeses with olives and olives, colorful cherry tomatoes, toast, bacon, anchovies, and then decorate with Basil greens, pour olive oil and success is guaranteed.

In Spain, almost three hundred varieties of olives are cultivated, but only 24 are considered suitable for making oil. the most popular of them are ohiblanka and arbequina. A quarter of the world’s olive crop is harvested in Spain in October and November each year. Moreover, the Spaniards can turn manual olive harvesting into a real Fiesta!

And you probably didn’t know that olives must be delivered to the factory 6 hours after collection. Olive oil pressed from ripe fruit on the same day is considered the best, imagine how time-consuming the process is.

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