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19 Jul Olive oil and ulcerative colitis

The results of a new study published in the Oxford Academic showed that patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who ate extra virgin olive oil for six months daily saw a significant improvement in their condition. Their body mass index has decreased, and the volume of their figure has visually decreased. There were also lower markers of inflammation and less disease activity.

Adopting a proper dietary habit based on a Mediterranean diet may be crucial in the clinical treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel disease,” Fabio Cicco, lead author of the study, told Reuters.
In his study, patients were evaluated for clinical and pathological activity and tested for possible steatosis (fatty liver disease) using abdominal ultrasound. Participants received personal dietary recommendations from a dietitian and were told to consume olive oil at each meal. A total of 142 patients with IBD were observed, including 84 with ulcerative colitis and 58 with Crohn’s disease, 73 of 142 were considered obese.

After six months, the number of patients with active disease (experiencing symptoms) decreased in this group, from 23.7% to 6.8% in patients with ulcerative colitis and from 17% to 3.8% in patients with Crohn’s disease. It was also noted that the use of olive oil leads to a significant reduction in liver steatosis, which has completely disappeared in some patients.

By the way, consumption of olive oil has been associated with the prevention of ulcerative colitis back in 2010, when researchers from the University of East Anglia concluded that a diet rich in oleic acid (a component of olive oil) significantly reduces the risk of developing this disease. In Russia, it gives the III disability group.

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