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11 Jul Paella marinera

To prepare paella, take the widest pan. Rice, gradually impregnated and saturated with broth, it should spread freely in width more than in height. The ratio of rice and liquid should be 1 to 2 approximately. Rice for paella is calculated based on the fact that it is enough to take one coffee Cup per person. Cooking time for loose rice is from 18 to 20 minutes after boiling. The fire must first be strong-medium and uniform. When there is a lot of liquid, you can stir the rice a little for a more even distribution of ingredients and it is better to use a wooden spatula for this. After that, after 7 minutes, turn down the heat to very low and do not stir again until the end of cooking. Paella is not covered with a lid when cooking. When the set time expires, remove the paella from the fire and cover its entire surface with a cloth for 3-5 minutes. Only after that, the paella is served on the table, always in the same dish in which it was prepared. I must say that in Spain there are many versions of this dish that differ in ingredients. Valencian paella, for example, is more often prepared without onions, since it is believed that onions soften rice, which is a disadvantage for paella. There is also paella, which is put in a preheated oven after cooking over the fire, to slightly dry and slightly brown the rice on top, but this method is for a different recipe. We will try an adapted recipe for paella marinera (with seafood).

Ingredients for two persons:

Seafood cocktail – 100 g
Large tiger prawns – 2 PCs
Mussels – 8 pieces
Round rice – 200 g
Extra Virgin olive oil – 100 ml
Garlic – 2 cloves
Fresh paprika – ½ PC
Fish broth – 400 ml
Tomato paste – 50 ml
Green peas – 20 g
Lemon – (cut lengthwise) ½
Saffron (for color) on the tip of the knife
Canned paprika – 2 PCs.


Fry the finely chopped garlic in olive oil, add the chopped fresh paprika and put the tomato sauce there. After that, pour in the dry rice and stir until the rice is soaked in olive oil, lightly fry it with these ingredients for another 3 minutes. Then put the seafood and pour the broth heated to a boil, add the saffron and over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, leave to boil, and then simmer all together for 7 minutes. After this time, do not mix the rice any more and leave it to cook on a very low heat for another 10 minutes. Then try the rice and if it is slightly firm only inside, then remove the paella from the heat, and, covering it with a napkin, leave for 3-5 minutes, so that the rice is completely” reached ” until ready. Then sprinkle the paella with green peas, garnish with thin strips of canned paprika, put the lemon and serve in the same dish as described above.

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