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22 May Mediterranean diet for pregnant women

Now is a rather nervous time for all of us, but it is most difficult for those who are forced to visit hospitals and put at risk not only themselves…

It is proven that pregnant women who follow the Mediterranean diet gain less weight, get into shape more easily, and most importantly, reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes. This is a type of diabetes that occurs in 5% of pregnant women in the third trimester, which causes congenital diseases in the child. Then it develops into type 2 diabetes in the mother.

In addition to calming down, it is necessary to monitor the nutrition. Of the 1,252 English women who took part in the study of the impact of nutrition on pregnancy, those who ate the Mediterranean type gained an average of 6.8 kilograms, and the rest – 8.3. also, gestational diabetes was recorded a third less often than usual. The risk of many other complications olive oil in food can not reduce, of course, but even just to ease the weight and load on the heart and blood vessels is very significant.

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