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10 May Tapas challenge

The variety of Spanish tapas is endless! This can be either a bowl of olives poured with olive oil, or a full-fledged dish. There are rarely as many legends about anything as there are about tapas.

The three main versions are:

  • Tapas from the word tapar (cover). Spanish innkeepers covered pitchers of wine from flies and dust with a piece of bread or jamon;
  • It was a snack with alcohol, so people don’t get too drunk;
  • The little snack masked the smell and taste of bad wine.

What do you think is true?

It is customary to eat tapas standing at the bar, communicate and drink wine, and you can also drink beer. However, for non-drinkers, the good news is that the snack can be eaten without a drink, or with water or lemonade, this is considered acceptable. Of course, tapas are very much loved and popular in all regions of the country and each of them has its own local, distinctive features. Most of all, they appreciate, in addition to taste, a pleasant atmosphere of warm friendly communication, which extends to all visitors gathered in a cozy Spanish interior. Each bar has its own exclusive inventions-very tasty and interesting in its own way. In the Basque Country, in the Northern part of Spain, tapas or pintxos, as they are called there, are prepared from local traditional products, which are famous for the excellent quality of materia prima and a huge variety. These are small, but real masterpieces of culinary art. Therefore, it is not surprising that an annual tapas competition is held and the winner is awarded an honorary prize for the most delicious, original and new “product”. Recognized chefs invited to the jury, evaluating their creation, pay attention to the unique combination of products selected, prepared and used by the author-cook, the appearance, sophistication of the presentation and the harmonious combination of all tastes, textures, and flavors in them.

Cooking tapas and pintxos is a very exciting and creative business. Therefore, many Spaniards like to compose their own “exclusive” recipes and invite their friends to try them, which of course is accepted with joy. Self-isolation is not going to end, but we have an idea! We suggest that you organize a tapas competition right now at home, share your recipes in the comments!

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