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05 Apr Top 12 facts about Spain

  1. Spain – the 52nd largest country in the world, comparable to Thailand, Kazakhstan or France;
  2. The Spanish language has 43 dialects;
  3. Until the 15th century, the country, like Italy, was several separate principalities with different languages;
  4. In the Spanish Kingdom, nudism is officially permitted;
  5. Spanish women live longer than men – an average of 85 years and 79 years, respectively;
  6. The King of Spain is now 52 years old, of which he rules only 6 years. His father ascended the throne after Franco and led the country for 40 years;
  7. Spain produces most of the world’s olive oil;
  8. Only half of the inhabitants have higher education;
  9. Until the mid-20th century, the population of the Canary Islands was 40% illiterate;
  10. Don Quixote is considered the first novel in the world, with 1083 pages;
  11. In this country, there are almost 50 protected cultural heritage sites;
  12. The Spaniards invented a stapler, a squeezing mop and a silicone envelope that cooks anything in the microwave.

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