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22 Feb Olives of the Roman Empire

The millennial olive trees of Senia, a territory that extends between Barcelona and Valencia, have been officially recognized as an important World Heritage Site.

La Sénia is a small authentic town of the province of Tarragona, through which the Augustan Road passed, it was an important region during the Roman Empire, since that trade route connected the Roman provinces with cities and ports of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many olive trees that have remained from that period. The value of these trees is not only in their antiquity and aesthetic beauty. They are also preserved as part of the region’s sustainable ecosystem.

In the list of these monumental olives in the village of Farga de l’Arion is the oldest in Spain – he is more than 1700 years old. Can you imagine?

There are almost five thousand such trees in six olive groves in the Senia region. These are living and fruitful natural monuments, truly impressive, agree. There is even a tourist route through the villages where you can see these solid trees and hug their trunks, reaching up to 8 meters wide.

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