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07 Feb Homemade paella with mussels and shrimps

The most seductive Spanish dish that seems impossible to cook at home. But this is not true!

Paella itself is simple, but many products are needed. Let’s start with the vegetables. And the first chopped onion into a small cube. Next, take the bell pepper, cut the flesh from the core and seeds and also cut into a cube. Now carrot. First, divide it into three parts, then cut into strips and then cube. We chop hot green pepper in the same way. There is garlic. We take two cloves and also finely chop, as it suits us. By the way, hot pepper can be replaced with Tabasco.

Pour the mixture of vegetables into a hot frying pan with olive oil and begin to fry. After five minutes, add three tablespoons of tomato paste, pour in 60 ml of dry white wine. Mix it all well and let it simmer a couple more minutes.

Then pour a full glass of long-grain rice into the pan, fill it with 2.5 glasses of fish broth. Of spices – a sprig of thyme, paprika and salt. Stir our future paella, bring to a boil, turn off the heat and cover. In this state, leave for 10 minutes. In the meantime, do seafood.

We need mussels in shells and large shrimps. Mussels should be washed well, cut the shrimp along the ridge, remove chitin and clean the esophagus. We remove the lid and put our seafood on rice with vegetables without stirring. Add half a glass of water or broth, cover with a lid for another 3-4 minutes. While there is time, cut the lemon into slices. That’s all, the paella is ready. We decorate our dish with lemon and parsley and serve in a pan.

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