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25 Jan How to choose olive oil

Manufacturer, color, freshness and shelf life, packaging and, of course, price – these are the indicators by which we usually choose food. What you should actually pay attention to when choosing olive oil:

The best olive oil is produced and bottled in the same region. The IGP marking on the label means that the olive was pressed in one country and the packaging outside. But the inscription DOP is a quality mark, meaning that olive oil is received and bottled in one region. This gradation applies only to Extra Virgin’s first cold pressed oils. This oil is obtained mechanically without the use of chemical additives. Look for these markings on etiquette.

The acidity of Extra Virgin oil does not exceed 0.8%, which is always written on the label. If there is no such information, this is refined or mixed oil, not the first pressing.

The name of the manufacturer does not play any role, especially if you do not know Spanish, you should not rely on this.

The color of the oil depends on the variety of olives and may be different, this is not an indicator of quality. But on the density of the oil you can pay attention.

Shelf life of olive oil is 18 months and the fresher it is, the better, it’s true.

Packaging must be opaque, glass or can. Good olive oil will never be poured into plastic, believe me. This is “liquid gold”, a valuable product that cannot be cheap.

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