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оливковое масло полезно

23 Dec Olive oil for intestinal microflora

Researchers at the University of Manchester Metropolitan recommend a Mediterranean diet to restore intestinal bacteria.

People who consume typical Mediterranean foods with plenty of fiber and olive oil are less prone to abnormalities in the gastrointestinal environment. This is supported by a growing body of evidence. British research complements the picture.

Olive oil, as part of a healthy and varied Mediterranean diet, and as part of a healthy lifestyle, will always be beneficial for physical and mental health,” says Haleh Moravej, senior lecturer in the Department of Dietetics at MMU.

Our immunity directly depends on digestion and the state of the intestinal microflora. All body systems are interconnected, and a violation of microflora can affect, for example, the hormonal background of a person, our mental states, while we will look for a cause outside.

“We know that people who have at least 30 elements derived from plants (including olive oil polyphenols) in their weekly diet have a greater variety of bacteria in their intestines. Hence, better weight management, better heart health and mental health, ”she added.

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