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оливковое масло полезно

27 Oct Olive eyes

The most beautiful eyes are the smiling ones. But what if they are also of an unusual color? Olive eyes are quite rare. According to studies conducted in the USA, only 16-17% of people have a similar shade. It has been repeatedly noted that the owners of this color and shade of the eyes are self-confident and aggressive. Such people have a sharp and perceptive mind, impressionable, are shy and dreamy. Those with swamp-green or olive-colored eyes are not devoid of pragmatism and diligence in their work, they have some idealism in their designs, they are impudent, but they often do not realize their ideas and plans, despite the fact that these people have enough energy for full the implementation of many plans and ideas. The reasons lie in insufficient self-control and simultaneous gentleness towards certain people.

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