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06 Oct Spain’s table olives yield forecasts are down

The Spanish Interprofessional Olive Growing Association has revised its initial crop forecast of more than 10% lower. Depending on climatic conditions, the final crop may be even lower.

The olive crop in Spain in 2019 is expected to be 523,000 tons, which is 15% lower than last year. The forecast was 590 thousand, but then an unusually cool spring and very hot summer followed. In Andalusia, where nearly 80% of Spanish table olives are grown and harvested, experts expect this year’s crop to be “medium-low” for almost all varieties of olives.

For the industry as a whole, this is not a catastrophic indicator. Approximately the same numbers were in 2012. Every year, the crop is not the same. In general, the Spanish production of table olives, as in the rest of the world, has shown a steady growth trend over many years.

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