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оливковое масло полезно

27 Sep Festival of olives

Did you know that the largest festival of olives and olive oil in Europe takes place in early November and it’s time to plan a trip?

Each autumn, the Las Jornadas del Olivar y el Aceite Olive and Olive Oil Festival is held in the Spanish city of Baena in Andalucia. Thus, here everyone unanimously marks the end of the harvest in olive groves. It has been going on for 30 years, from November 9 to 11.

This spanish fiesta is not only festive, but also informative. Here they try to illuminate all aspects of the possible use of olives and olive oil, and also recall how important this plant is for the whole world as a whole and for each person individually. Therefore, the Festival of Olives in Spain is organized on a special scale. Attention is paid to all areas of life associated with this magical product: gastronomy, economics, health. First of all, everyone can try local gourmet dishes, find out national recipes for dishes with olives, find out what is prepared from them.

Although the festival program is slightly modified every year, however, the main event of the “olive” holiday remains unchanged – this is Ruta de la Tapa. The best restaurants, cafes and bars of the city take part. Each institution has a special promotional menu of special tapas, all with the use of olives. The most persistent person who visits all the establishments offering tapas in one evening will receive a prize of 50 liters of selected olive oil and a dinner for two in a restaurant, which will be recognized as the best “olive” place at this festival.

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