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оливковое масло полезно

27 Jul Van Gogh’s olive groves

On July 29, 1890, one of the greatest creators of mankind Vincent Van Gogh passed away. Not many people know that in his last years of creativity he painted 18 landscapes with olive trees. One can only assume that his restless soul acquired peace and rest when he worked on these landscapes.
Olive tree has a unique noble beauty that for many centuries inspired poets and artists. In her appearance there is something mystical and unusually sculptural. The natural structure of a powerful, bizarrely crimped trunk, contrasting with the grace of silver foliage. Postimpressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, living in France, painted many landscapes on which an olive tree is well recognizable and in the background of his paintings: an olive grows in a field among ripe wheat, not far from large and dark cypresses (“Wheat field with cypresses”) . Olive groves are clearly visible on the hilly expanses of his most famous painting “Starry Night”, written shortly before his tragic death and filled with deep philosophical meaning.
The olive tree was of great spiritual importance to Van Gogh. Vincent received religious education and knew the Bible well. Since his childhood, his thin and sensitive soul was trained to love and compassion, and his rich artistic imagination carried him off to the Garden of Gethsemane, where olive trees grew on ancient stony earth, awaiting celestial life-giving moisture. Therefore, it was not by chance that there was so much interest in the olive tree, and the series of its olive trees is very symbolic.

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