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20 Jul Falsification of our product Maestro de Oliva

A fake of our brand Maestro de Oliva appeared in stores in Ukraine. This product in the photo is completely illegal. Olive Line International does not produce olive oil in 5 liter jars. But the most dangerous thing is that it is a falsification of olive oil as such, we strongly do not recommend the purchase and use of this oil!

Olive oil is very easily forged, unfortunately: a little real olive oil is added to the canister of any vegetable oil and it interrupts the smell, paints the mixture in a noble color and is sold, as in this case, under a label with a similar design to a well-known brand. Use of this oil can be harmful to health!

Production and commercialization of the product in the photo is carried out in Ukraine, but can also be found in other countries. Share this information with your friends!

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