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оливковое масло полезно

01 Jul Three places in Madrid with real paella

1) Socarratt (Calle San Marcos, 2)
Inexpensive cafe for every day, where everything is managed by two chefs from Valencia. In addition to the traditional ryla valenciana with chicken, rabbit, artichokes and green beans, there is a large selection of Spanish rice dishes, including vegetarian. A portion of paella costs 8-9 €.

2) La Baracca (Calle de la Reina, 29)
The family restaurant serves classic Spanish cuisine in the city center. There are always a lot of tourists and locals who come back here for delicious rice. Paella valenciana costs € 15.70, paella mixta with seafood, chicken and pork – € 17.

3) Casa de Valencia (Paseo Pintor Rosales, 58) One of the most popular places in Madrid with authentic cuisine. The menu includes an extensive selection of traditional Spanish dishes, including classic Valencian paella (it costs € 15.75), vegetables (€ 14.50), and seafood paella (€ 18.75).

You can rely on your taste and intuition, but here is our advice: in a decent place where paella is served, there should not be sangria in the menu. Paella made drink only dry wine. A super offer paella + sangria is for tourists who seek to grab two authentic Spanish goodies for the price of one, but quickly, and in fact both the paella and sangria will not be real.

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