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21 Jun Falsification of our product Iberica

We draw your attention to the appearance on the market of falsified Iberica TM oil in 5-liter cans.

This oil is sold in markets and in small retail outlets. The Iberica brand and manufacturer Olive Line International S.L. has no relation to this product and is not responsible for its quality and taste characteristics. We urge you to refrain from buying counterfeit, as it is not just a fake brand Iberica! This product has nothing to do with olive oil – it contains a mixture of sunflower and other cheap oils, for the quality and safety of which no one is responsible. If you use counterfeit, you, at least, will not receive the expected health benefits, as the maximum you will put at risk the health of your family and your own.

Distinctive properties of a fake: our company does not have a container of 5 liters. On the image of the salad there is no cucumber and no second tomato. Genuine label is as follows:

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