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оливковое масло

28 May Yellowfin Tuna

Tuna is in great demand in Spain. Salads with this fish, olives and vegetables every day on the table with a simple Spaniard. And no wonder, because tuna meat is very useful for our health. If olive oil is called “liquid gold,” then tuna is “sea gold.”

Fresh meat of yellowfin tuna has a dense texture and bright red color, after cooking it becomes creamy. It can be cooked, grilled and roasted. The meat of this type of tuna has a delicate aroma and does not need any seasonings, although there are recipes when raw meat is marinated in wine with a small amount of dark cane sugar.

Tuna is a strong, fast and beautiful sea fish. Dishes from tuna meat have a noble exquisite taste and a special, almost non-fishy aroma. The first place in catching tuna is Japan. From European countries, Spain and France share first place. In the waters around the Canary Islands come across tuna weighing up to 150 kg!

In terms of its excellent nutritional qualities and the balance of many food ingredients, tuna is the most useful fish for us. The tuna protein is easily digested, the meat is rich in vitamins, increases hemoglobin and has a high content of phosphorus, an essential element for the hard work of the brain. Experts recommend that tuna dishes be introduced into the menu, both for children and adults, in order to recuperate after an illness or stressful situations and increase immunity. Tuna is very useful for the body of women during pregnancy to maintain their health and the proper intrauterine development of the future baby, the formation of a strong, healthy nervous system.

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