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оливковое масло полезно

19 Apr Long and lush eyelashes

There are means for the growth and volume of eyelashes from natural ingredients that are easy to make at home. Of course, after the first application of the effect will not. This mask must be done at least two weeks daily, at night, and then the result will be noticeable. Cilia will become thicker and longer. The composition of this mask includes olive oil and aloe juice, only a couple drops. Use extra virgin olive oil, the same as for alimentation. Aloe juice is purchased at the pharmacy. Independently extract juice from this plant is possible only if this aloe is 5 years old or more. A young plant does not possess healing properties. Apply the mixture after washing with a cotton swab, wetting the entire length of the eyelashes, touching the root. Masochka not wash off. In these two weeks, it is advisable not to paint the eyes with mascara, give eyelashes some rest and nourish.

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