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08 Apr Maestro de Oliva and fine dining

Our brand Maestro de Oliva participates in the Master Chef coulinary show on STB channel in Ukraine. A special guest of one of the programs was the famous Spanish chef, winner of four Michelin stars, Jordi Cruz. Jordi is a jury member of the Master Chef program in Spain for the past 7 years, also owns several restaurants in Barcelona, ​​and writes books in his free time.

He conducted a master class for the participants of the Master Chef in Ukraine. They managed to repeat three complex and interesting dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine, in the author’s performance of Jordi. For the participants, this turned out to be a very serious challenge. Jordi is a strict judge and enthusiastic person who treats his profession thoroughly. The heat of passion captures the program’s viewers and keeps up to the announcement of the results! The format of the reality show Master Chef has existed for almost 30 years, and every year it is becoming more and more interesting to watch.

We congratulate the winners and wish you a pleasant viewing program!

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