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оливковое масло полезно

06 Apr Multicultural olive groves come to the province of Madrid

In the small town of Campo Real, located just half an hour southeast of Madrid, olive oil producers, beekeepers and researchers met to discuss an ambitious plan to revive the region’s traditionally disadvantaged olive groves. They seek to increase profitability by introducing into the olive groves a combination of local bees and aromatic plants (lavender and rosemary), thus re-using the land around the capital, traditionally not very profitable, but with great potential. The calculation is made on the fact that additional planting of herbs will give additional profit, and proximity to Madrid will provide good opportunities for the development of ecotourism in the region. The team even has a landscape designer Javier Dominguez, who notes the special beauty of olive groves, which psychologically attract people. As a result, manufacturers have found the ideal distance of 20 meters between the trees, plus the planting of aromatic plants between them and set to action at the beginning of this year.

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