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30 Mar Therapeutic fasting

The one-day fasting technique according to the Japanese scientist Yoshinori Osumi received the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology back in 2016. Osumi himself is now 73 years old and he is healthy. He devoted his whole life to the phenomenon of autophagy. This is the process of processing the cell own components. It was first described in 1963, but before Yoshinori Osumi no one knew how to activate this process.

The simplicity of the experiment is impressive. Watching the yeast cells when they are deprived of food, he noticed that they begin to digest themselves, while at the same time old and damaged structures, accumulations of oxidized proteins, go to the firebox. As a result of autophagy, the cell structure is rejuvenated, while starvation for too long can destroy the cell.

Autophagy in human cells is genetically determined. There are 2 modes of therapeutic fasting:

– Intermittent fasting: a day without food, then 1-2 days of normal food;
– Prolonged fasting: 2-3 days without food, then a week break until the next famine.

In both cases, water and green tea are not excluded. Before using intermittent or prolonged fasting, you should consult a doctor, especially people over 65.

A part of this research is the statement that partially replacing animal fats with vegetable fats, we contribute to the process of autophagy and thus slow down our aging. That is, it is not necessary to starve, you can simply change your menu! On the same principle is based and the Mediterranean diet, which allows the Spaniards to live an average of 80 years. If you are interested in this type of food, then read other articles of our blog. In short, replace red meat with fish, poultry or even legumes, and eat all the vegetables with olive oil. Please be healthy!

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