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оливковое масло полезно

21 Mar Hair growth mask

Due to the protective film, which is formed after applying the oil, the hair does not give in to the negative impact of the external environment. For those who want to strengthen the hair, such a fermented milk product as whey will suit you just right. Due to its composition rich in protein and various microelements, it can restore damaged hair structure, strengthening it, making it stronger and healthier. In addition, the use of whey helps to cope with excessive hair loss, accelerates growth. You will feel the perfect smoothness of hair from the first time.


Extra Virgin olive oil – 1 tbsp.

Whey – 3 tbsp.


Mix the ingredients. Rub into the hair roots with massage movements. Spread over the entire length. Put on a thermo-cap or roll up with a film, wrap in a towel on top. Wash off after about 30 minutes, washing your hair with shampoo as usual, but twice in a row.

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