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оливковое масло полезно

11 Mar Olive oil can be calculated

Spain, as the world leader in the production of olive oils, continues to finance all new research of this valuable product. A team of researchers from the Spanish University of Jaen has developed new mathematical models that can help in predicting the quality of extra virgin olive oil and optimizing its production.

The factors that influence the process of olive oil extraction are agrarian and technological.

The agrarian are:

– variety of olives;
– the degree of maturity of the fruit in the collection;
– type of cultivation (traditional, intensive, superintensive);
– use or lack of irrigation.

Among technological factors are:

– the size of the sieve and hammer mill, grinding olives;
– time and temperature at which the olive paste softens;
– doses of technological aids used to improve the characteristics of olives.

The researchers argue that those and other factors are interrelated, and also that by changing the effect of the listed variables in a certain formula, one can predict the quality of the future product mathematically and with high accuracy. That is, what will be the olive oil can now be calculated. Soon, manufacturers will be able to introduce new developments by scientists to improve the quality of olive oil.

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