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оливковое масло полезно

21 Jan Finally a vacation

Of course, you will go to the beach! Here is what we can advise:

– Mixing fresh carrot juice with olive oil, you will get a natural tanning lotion. It is better to take the carrot from the farm (if there is such a place where you came to sunbathe), you can soak the store for a couple of hours so that nitrates and nitrites from fertilizers come out. Next, either rub it on a grater and squeeze with gauze, or use a juicer, or simply buy fresh carrot in a nearby cafe. Apply a little on the skin and wait for allergies. Then mix one to one with olive oil and the lotion is ready. Do not forget that it is recommended to apply Extra Virgin olive oil on skin, the same as you eat.

– Drink fresh carrot juice before going out in the sun – the tan will be better. Always drink carrot juice through a straw; it visibly stains tooth enamel.

– Fresh carrots in your menu will help not only get a tan faster, but also save the tan. Well-known beta-carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin. Therefore, cream is usually added to fresh carrot. A fresh carrot must be eaten with olive oil. The benefits for the digestive tract and skin increases many times.

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