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оливковое масло полезно

09 Dec Gordal and Manzanilla olives received a sign of PGI in Seville

PGI sign (Protected Geographical Indication) means that a certain stage is related to a certain stage – the cultivation, production or processing of a product. In this case, it is the protection of geographical indications and the guarantee of traditional peculiarities, legal confirmation of the affiliation of these varieties of olives to the Spanish region of Andalusia. Generally, in Spain there are 193 products protected by this sign. These are mainly different types of ham, olive oil, sweets and liqueurs. Now there are 2 more of them: despite some objections, the olive varieties Gordal and Manzanilla from Seville finally received a protected geographical indication in Spain.

Seville is the largest producer of table olives in the world, the share of their production in Spain is 75%. In the same province, the production of Gordal and Manzanilla olives in Spain is concentrated.

Manzanilla is a very valuable variety. They have a round shape, a pale color, rather small size, thin skin and a good ratio of pulp and bone. They are symmetrical in shape, the pulp is easily separated from the bone. Gordal is larger in size, asymmetrical, have an ovoid shape and much more pulp, although it has a lower oil content.

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