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оливковое масло полезно

10 May Meatballs madrillenos


30 gr. white loaf
1/3 glass of milk
500 gr. ground beef
2 garlic gloves
3 onions
1 egg
½ glass of white dry wine
2 average carrots
2 tablespoons of flour
Salt and greens of parsley to taste

At first we will soak white loaf in milk. We will add smashed garlic and small cut one of three onions to ready or home-made forcemeat. We send the soaked bread from the remains of milk there. Also we will add egg, crushed parsley and a teaspoon of salt to forcemeat and we will carefully mix. Then forcemeat goes to the refrigerator, and we will make sauce now.

In a wide pan we will extinguish small cut remained two bulbs on olive oil. It will take about 10 minutes, don’t forget to stir slowly the onions. At the same time peel the carrots and we slice them thin. We add carrots to onions and also we pour flour. We mix and extinguish 10 more minutes. Then we will add wine, 2 glasses of water and a spoon of salt to stewed vegetables, we will mix and we will extinguish 10 more minutes, total half an hour. Sauce has to thicken. When cools down, we will mix it still the blender to homogeneous mass.

We do balls of forcemeat, we roll in flour and we fry minutes on five on olive oil on strong fire, constantly overturning. Then we will shift quenelles in a dish for roasting, we will fill in with sauce and we will send to the oven which is previously warmed up to 180 degrees for 15 minutes. It is best of all to serve them with mashed potatoes or vegetable salad.

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