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10 Feb Pichos with peppers

Pinchos is how they call tapas in Basque Country in Spain. This bright dish for a big company is perfect for a party in Spanish style! From the specified amount of ingredients at you will get about 4 portions of tapas.

3 paprikas: red, yellow and green
20 gr. basil
1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar
4 garlic pieces
100 ml. Extra Virgin olive oil
1 baguette
Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Clean peppers from inedible parts, cut on thin strips and we fry on a small amount of oil until they become soft.

In separate dish mix olive oil, vinegar, pounded (or rubbed on a small grater) garlic, small chopped basil and salt. In this marinade mature fried pepper several minutes.

meanwhile cut a baguette on pieces, we dry them on a frying pan almost to a condition of a cracker. On the cooled-down slices we spread the pickled pepper and serve our tapas!

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