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оливковое масло полезно

26 Jan Avocado and tuna salad

Today we will prepare very simple dish out of four main ingredients: avocado promotes weight loss and splits excess of cholesterol in blood; tomatoes save from colds thanks to vitamin C; olive oil heals stomach ulcers and stimulates digestion, and a tuna – a dietary product for decrease in body weight.


1 large avocado
1 large tomato
1 can of a tinned tuna of Iberica
1 bunch of salad arugula
1 teaspoon of olive oil Extra Virgin Iberica
Sea salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 garlic glove

Cut avocado in half, remove the ossicle, scrape out the pulp into a bowl and knead with a fork. Add olive oil and lemon juice there and mix again. Then add ground black pepper and crushed (or small chopped) garlic and also salt to taste.

Tomato should be incised cross-wise at the basis and put in boiled water for a couple of minutes. When it cools down, peel it and crush the pulp. Now, having taken a round form, lay layers at first avocado, then tomato and above a layer of tuna meat which is previously kneaded by a fork. Decorate the turned-out layered salad from above with arugula and serve.

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