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18 Aug Salmorejo

August is the hottest month in Spain. At home, we are used to having cold okroshka or beetroot soup to save us from the heat, while the Spaniards have salmorejo soup instead.

It is similar to gazpacho cream soup, but with a more interesting taste. By the way, tomatoes on the Iberian Peninsula came from the Latin American colonies. Olive oil and bread are the basis of Spanish cuisine, but with the advent of tomatoes this combination gradually transformed into salmorejo and gazpacho. Many people think that these are different names for the same dish, but in fact, gazpacho contains more vegetables and is considered a dietary dish, while salmorejo is more dense, nutritious and high in calories due to the protein filling. This soup is considered more popular.

We will need: several tomatoes, stale bread, onions, garlic, Extra Virgin olive oil, as well as boiled egg and jamon.

Preparation is simple:

Soak the bread in the water. Tomatoes must be cut, scalded with boiling water and skin peeled. Onions and garlic are cut arbitrarily. Whisk all this in a blender to a homogeneous mass of creamy consistency. Olive oil, salt and pepper should be added to taste. Boiled egg and jamon should be cut into slices and add to the soup. As a flavoring experiment, you can add cheese, tuna, mushrooms or even pieces of fruit.

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