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22 May Classical Spanish salads

Today we got whole two recipes of classical salads straight for a Spanish feast.

Ensalada mixta which includes:

½ bunches of lettuce leaves
1 tomato
1 grated carrots
Half of a red onion
1 egg
1 tinned tuna Iberica
2 tablespoons of sweet corn
8 olives Iberica with anchovies
2 tablespoons of the olive oil Extra Virgin Iberica
1 tablespoon of wine vinegar Iberica
Salt to taste

Cut all this in small pieces, equal by the size, chop boiled egg into 4 parts, properly mix everything and dress with mix of olive oil and vinegar, salt to taste.

Malaga salad

Nourishing spring boiled potato, green onions salad, olives and a cod (it is possible to replace with other low-fat sea fish with white meat, for example, hake, a pollack, a haddock). Possible to add boiled eggs and parsley.

3 potatoes
100 gr. salty cod
3 oranges
100 ml. Extra Virgin olive oil
Several feathers of green onions
10 olives
Salt to taste

Boiled potatoes cut in cubes. Peel the orange and cut the same way. Chop green onions. We mix these three ingredients with orange juice, which flowed out in the course of cutting. Then add the crushed cod and olives on top. Salt to taste and dress with olive oil of the first extraction olive oil of the first extraction. This salad has to infuse half an hour in the refrigerator.

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