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05 May Top-10 Catalan dishes

In the most authentic cafes of Barcelona and vicinities with the best kitchen “for locals” they won’t speak English or even Spanish to you. Therefore to study the menu in advance is a good decision:

1. Pa amb tomàquet – shouldn’t be ordered in general, any lunch doesn’t do without piece of the white bread loaf smeared with fresh tomato and garlic and poured with olive oil.

2. Bacallà a la llauna is the baked cod, the most popular fish in Catalonia. The freshest cod is crushed, pan fried, then sent to an oven to be baked, and later served in garlic, red pepper sauce, tomatoes and white wine with a garnish from white beans.

3. Bomba – the “bomb” invented in Barcelona represents the sphere from mashed potatoes with jamón or beef in the center fried in breadcrumbs. It is served hot in the alioli sauce (garlick mayonnaise).

4. Botifarra – juicy pork sausage on a grill.

5. Esqueixada – the popular cold cod salad consisting of a dried salty cod, tomatoes, onions, olives, sometimes pepper and boiled eggs, and also olive oil with wine vinegar. Such dressing is the “business card” of Spanish cuisine in general.

6. Escalivada – the baked vegetables under marinade: eggplants, sweet pepper, onions. Is served usually with the anchovies (they are called seitons) which are generously flavored with olive oil.

7. Fideuà is a local option of a paella with small noodles instead of rice, with seafood and mollusks and some white fish.

8. Fuet is a most tasty dry cured sausage from pork. It is possible to order separately or in embotit – meat cutting.

9. Truita – the Catalan name all of the known tortilla de patatas. This potato omelet should be tried in different institutions – in everyone “counter”. And if you have local friends, then in general to be compared nothing to home-made tortilla!

10. For a dessert, certainly try crema catalana. It is dense custard with a golden crust from burned sugar.

We wish you a bon profit!

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