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09 Feb Croquetas

In Spain there’s nowhere to hide from croquietas! They are always ordered in tapas-bars among other things, they are on sale in supermarkets, frozen as a semi-finished product, they are loved by all. Croquetas were invented by the French in the 18th century, but the glory about them scattered around the world. However Spaniards made them their dish as they add jamón there.

Crispy outside and creamy inside, best friends of the Spaniards, today they are at our table!

500 ml. milk of 3,5% of fat content or more
160 gr. torments
120 gr. boiled or roasted chicken
1 small bulb
40 gr. the jamón cut in cubes
150 gr. butter
2 eggs
300 ml. the refined olive oil

Fry onions on butter, add small chopped chicken to it. Then lower fire and add flour, stirring constantly. Homogeneous mass has to turn out. In 3-4 minutes a thin stream pour in warm milk, without ceasing to disturb, add salt and pepper to taste. Here add jamón small pieces. Bechamel sauce has to turn out rather dense that when forming croquets didn’t break. Shift mix in a bowl and let’s infuse in the refrigerator within several hours. Make balls by means of two tablespoons and roll hands. Roll in in beaten-up eggs and in breadcrumbs. Further pan fry balls in olive oil.

We pan fry in olive oil, having shipped croquets completely. As soon as they become covered by a golden crust, they need to be got and got wet with a napkin.

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